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& therapy

Counselling is an opportunity to invest in yourself, and take care of your mental health and sense of overall wellbeing. I welcome you into a safe and enriching therapy space, to help you unfold and nurture your unique strengths and inner wisdom, guiding you towards experiencing more freedom, kindness, fulfilment and peace within yourself.

Are you navigating a difficult life transition or battling with a specific problem such as anxiety? Rocked by a life event, questioning the future and looking for steadiness and ease? Maybe you are seeking for the science and innovation of psychology to help you pursue excellence and high performance.

I start right where you are currently and we work together to develop a vision and purpose for where you want to be and support your evolution to reach that outcome.

Do you genuinely want to contribute more actively to yourself, your family, business, team or the world around you? This is about raising self-awareness, empowerment, resilience, connection and performance to the next level of success i.e. your version of who and where you want to be. My focus is to equip you with applicable,  practical solutions and robust support from me to elevate your personal and professional life right away.

I work with counselling clients both face-to-face and Telehealth (virtual) offering support and in:


  • Mental health and wellness - using CBT, ACT

  • Corporate executive stress and team impact

  • Occupational stress and coping mechanisms

  • Generalised anxiety and depression

  • Self-awareness and self-perception

  • Relationship & marriage dynamics

  • Male vulnerability and self esteem

  • Cultural diversity issues

  • High performance teens and their families


Q+A Health  Hub

Level 6/141 Queen Street

Brisbane City QLD 4000  

To book an appointment please call

+61 (0) 7 3229 9355

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