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Executive Coaching is the perfect solution for high level professionals, entrepreneurs or creatives who are feeling stuck, frustrated by untapped potential, navigating major change and basically, seek more fulfillment, fun, purpose, meaning and abundance. I like to look at your life in its entirety – work, love, life, play - focusing on maximising the great, unique parts of self and the aspects of every day living and being that make your heart leap.


My process for inspired change and motivated action is structured and rational with specific measurable outcomes. You will learn to consistently break free from barriers which block your full potential. We will build increased influence, impact and buy-in from key stakeholders in your sphere. We will create tools and actions to develop your confidence in handling the most difficult of conversations and find your strength in listening, adapting and communicating with others to create positive influence, commitment, and results. 


My executive coaching approach provides a level of open, direct feedback and objective, personal support to suit your personal needs and aspirations. You will be challenged while also supported and cherished.


Bespoke 6-module programme

We work together to peel away layers of expectation, identify and break through limiting beliefs, reconnect with who you really are and design a clear path forward for a life lived in alignment with your desires and core purpose.


This is vision, authenticity and achievement in a perfectly balanced concoction of learning, growth, feedback and skills development.

If you choose the TRANSFORM programme then I can assure you that you will:

  • Re-discover the best and juiciest bits of yourself

  • Learn tools and techniques to apply to your life, business and relationships

  • Release behaviour, fear, grudges, relationships and judgments that no longer serve you

  • Love yourself and the direction your life is headed, very soon.

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